Remember after In Harm’s Way everyone started shipping Luke and Bonnie?

NOW it’s Mike and Bonnie. Fuck yeah.

Monnie/Bike for the win.

What I learnt from Amid the Ruins


Mike and Bonnie > > > > Luke and Jane

anyone who likes those two selfish fucks over total cuties mike and bonnie can fight me


i hope there’s an option where mike and bonnie can become clem’s adoptive parents and they and the baby can leave

because mike x bonnie is my otp 

mike x clem is my brotp

clem x bonnie is my other brotp

i hope you can talk to mike and be like, “you and bonnie are my favorites. you guys should fall in love and adopt me. love me.”


reasons why mike is a beautiful angel-

  1. he takes orders from clem without hesitation
  2. always there when a boost is needed
  3. compliments clem a lot (“hell, you’re tough for my size”)
  4. was glad those raccoons got away even though he would’ve eaten the shit out of them
  5. he cares about bonnie and they should totally get together (“no, i wanted to- nevermind.”)
  6. also he was just like “clem don’t stress your little arms cutie patootie i got these water bottles”