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TWDG RANT (400 days characters)

I thought 400 days was a pretty good DLC, but what was the point of it? The characters were good, the storylines were good but they made no contribution to the second season. And that really annoyed me. Why do you create these interesting characters that have their own goddamn story but they’re treated like they’re nothing in the second season. What a fucking disappointment. I was really looking forward to seeing all of them in season 2, even the ones that you didn’t choose to go with Tavia. Hopefully meeting Clementine while traveling and possibly befriending her. But their storylines are thrown in the trash. Was 400 Days just a money grab for telltales? Just creating a DLC to make a profit? The only 400 days character that has made a significant contribution to season 2 is Bonnie. And if I be truly honest with you, I found her 400 days story the worst. I found her character bland but once I saw season 2, I grew a liking for her until she ditched Clem to go with Arvo and Mike. She lost all my respect. I think the other 400 days characters should’ve had a bigger part in S2. I wanted to see Becca and Clementine interact. Hopefully Clementine telling her off. I wanted to see Clementine create some sort of bro and sis bond with Russell. I wanted Wyatt to be the one to make her laugh and tell her about stupid shit he used to do. It would’ve been interesting. Instead the rest of their fates remain unknown. Telltales has seemed to neglect the opportunity to make these characters have a contribution. Hopefully another rant crosses my mind soon.